The Game of Saying Huh?!
Find Out Who the Real Actors Are!

The Game of Saying ‘huh’ is perfect for groups of friends or as an icebreaker game- Use your voice and face to all say the same thing in different ways....

3-8 players, 8 years and up!

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How to Play
How to Play
How To Play Example

Turn over the top Task card and slide it into the slot in the pack base so all players can see it.

On your turn, secretly check which letter is shown on your Act card. Check the entry against that letter on the Task card and act out the words (or action) listed at the top accordingly.

For example: the word at the top of the Task card is “Woah”. You’ve drawn the letter D, so you must try to convey the excitement of “Opening a present” using only the word “Woah”

After each performance, secretly vote using their Letter tokens.


When all the players have had a turn, everyone reveals what they voted for Player 1. Player 1 now reveals his or her Act card. Players who guessed the correct letter each receive 1 point. Player 1 also scores, gaining 1 point for each correct vote received. (e.g. If 3 players guessed it correctly, they receive 1 point each and the performer receives 3 points.) Continue scoring for Player 2 and so on. The player with the most points wins!