Jixelz Magic Moves Set (1250pcs)

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  • Unique Kids’ Craft Kit: Each Jixelz piece is identical in shape and precision engineered to fit together and stay together easily – no ironing, glue, or water needed
  • Dance Craze: Follow the included templates to create a sparkling singing unicorn and a star-spangled llama – or create DIY crafts and more for freestyle design fun – the only limit is your imagination!
  • Fun with Friends: With no complicated instructions, everyone can join in; and finished Jixelz can be displayed upright, passed around, and even given as colourful gifts
  • Tiny Pieces, Big Builds: Combine the pieces any way you like and keep adding to create giant Jixelz mosaics; Includes 2 templates, 1,250 pieces and 1 storage/sorting tray
  • Endless Possibilities, Collect Them All! Jixelate your world with other products from the Jixelz range featuring thousands of interchangeable pieces to inspire creative play for children 6 years and up

Discover Jixelz! It’s what happens when jigsaws and pixels meld together to spark billions of imaginative possibilities! This fun kids’ craft kit packs hours of creative and colourful fun into the box. Each Jixelz piece is precision engineered and is identical in shape to its neighbour. There’s no frustrating matching, just a perfect fit every time! Kit includes two easy-to-follow templates: Place the matching coloured Jixelz pieces over the top to create a singing and dancing rainbow unicorn and a magical star-spangled llama with ears that poke out of a fun fantastical wig! Or make your own DIY craft by mixing the pieces up and go freestyle to create your own special designs. The one-size-fits-all puzzle pieces mean you can build in any direction and keep on building, adding pieces from other sets (sold separately) for a dynamite design unlike any other. Once you finish, the pieces stay locked together thanks to the clever engineering with no ironing, glue or water needed. Simply pick your designs off the table to display them upright, swap them with friends, or give them as special gifts for the family. There are no complicated instructions, just the fun of going where your imagination takes you. Perfect for playtime with friends, this unique puzzle craft requires minimal supervision or set up, and all the pieces can be stored in the clever packaging. Jixelz packs transform into a storage box, simply remove and recycle the card wrap to reveal. The box top and bottom are specially designed to be used to store the many Jixelz pieces during and after play. The Jixelz Magic Moves Set is just one of a growing range of Jixelz sets designed to foster creativity and collaborative play for children 6 years and up. Includes 2 templates, 1,250 pieces and 1 storage/sorting tray.