LOGO Best of Kids

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Age: 7y+

  • • Fun packed board game full of fascinating and funny questions from the Logo team – just for kids!
  • •Answer questions based on Pot Luck, Picture and Themed questions
  • • Includes 252 question cards and 12 action cards
  • • For 2 teams, ages 7+

Now younger children can enjoy all the fun and excitement of LOGO. Best of Kids, the Logo game has been created especially for kids, and – if they behave – maybe the adults can join in. Packed with stuff you know and, even better, stuff you didn’t know you knew – Best of Kids is not a tedious trivia game, it’s full of fun! “Which letter of the alphabet sounds like a small, green vegetable?”, “What four words do most fairy stories start with?”, “Which day of the Christmas Holidays sounds like it was named after a sport?” There are over 1,000 Pot Luck, Picture and Themed questions especially for KIDS! With anything from sport to music, Disney to Dinosaurs or science to snacks. Playing is our brains’ favourite way of learning - so open up Best of Kids and let the learning and games begin!


Have a not-so-quiet night in!

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