Peppa Boat Adventure Set

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  • Pedal and go, go, go! It’s time for a spin in the Pull & Go Pedalo: pull gently on the string, let go and watch as the paddles rotate and drive the pedalo forwards over the water.
  • Four ways to make a splash! Grandpa Pig’s Splash & Pour Boat comes apart to reveal a pourer, sprinkler and a water-powered paddle that sends the wheel spinning. Even the hull includes a spout.
  • Squishy & Squirty: Includes 5 colourful characters to dunk, squeeze and squirt: Peppa Pig, George, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig and Grandpa Pig.
  • Hours of fun afloat: Ideal for paddling pools or bath time, there’s shape-sorting fun, plenty of spaces for Peppa’s family to sit and swap, and hours of fascinating ways to explore the magic of water.
  • Builds confidence around water: These colourful toys specially designed for little hands promote sensory development, fine motor skills and an understanding of cause and effect.
  • For boys and girls: Suitable from 18 months. No batteries required.

For fun and distraction, Peppa Pig’s Boat Adventure Set leaves others in its wake. It’s packed with all kinds of water-based tricks designed to delight and surprise your little ones. Let’s start with the bright yellow pedalo: pull gently on the yellow hoop at the end of the draw-string and watch as the spring-loaded paddles start to rotate, sending the pedalo gliding over the water. On board, there’s room for two of the five interchangeable characters that come with the set – Peppa Pig, George, Mummy and Daddy Pig, plus Grandpa Pig. Sit them upright on the side of the tub, watch them bob on the surface, or dunk them underwater for a special surprise. Each one is a cheeky water squirter! Next up is Grandpa Pig’s Splash & Pour Boat. There’s room for two on board here too, but better still are the parts that lift out. One showers rods of water straight down, another sprinkles gentle arcs of rain all around. Aim them at the wheelhouse amidships to set paddles and the skipper’s wheel spinning! Any water in the hull can also be poured out through the spout at the bow. All of the toys explore cause and effect, help refine fine motor skills and allow children to grow in confidence around water. Drain fully after use and leave to air dry. Wipe clean with anti-bacterial solution/wipes. No batteries required. Suitable for children 18 months and over.


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