Peppa's Pool Party

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  • You’re all invited! Gather round for Peppa’s Pool Party: five floating rings of fun that bob on the surface of the water and double as different pouring cups and water sprinklers.
  • Time to hook up! Each ring connects to the next. A simple tab designed for little hands to handle makes it easy to link all of them together to form a giant ring of rings.
  • Squidgy & Squirty: Includes 5 soft-touch characters to dunk, squeeze and squirt: Peppa Pig, Candy Cat, Suzy Sheep, Danny Dog and Rebecca Rabbit.
  • All aboard! There’s colour matching fun as kids sort the characters’ swimwear to sync with each ring, ready for a ride around the bath or outdoors in the paddling pool.
  • Ideal for confidence around water: These colourful toys promote sensory development, fine motor skills and help build an understanding of cause and effect.
  • For boys and girls: Suitable from 18 months. No batteries required.

Bath time is party time with Peppa’s Pool Party from Toomies. She’s invited four of her BFFs round for a splash of fun with these floating rings that bob on the water, ready to ferry Peppa, Candy Cat, Suzy Sheep, Rebecca Rabbit and Danny Dog across your bath tub or around a paddling pool. Each pouring ring doubles as a water sprinkler, producing different patterns as kids shower the water through the base or over the curvy sides. Rings also link up thanks to clever tabs on the side that interlock easily to join two or more rings side by side. Connect all five to form a giant ring! Peppa and her friends all drop easily into any ring, so little ones can mix them up or play a colour matching game: their swimsuits coordinate with the colour of the floating rings! Give any of the five characters a squeeze underwater and they’ll come up squirting, next time you give them a pinch. The soft-touch collectible figures are beautifully moulded to scale. Use them for story-telling fun or take them on your travels. Peppa’s Pool Party set helps children build confidence around water, while the squirting and pouring action develop fine motor skills and an understanding of cause and effect. All part of a larger Toomies Peppa Pig bath toy collection. Drain after use and leave to air dry. Wipe clean with anti-bacterial solution/wipes. No batteries required. Suitable for children 18 months and over.


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