Rumble in the Jungle

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  • Rumble in the Jungle! Fast paced kids’ board game where you follow the path around the board, landing on spaces and setting off all kinds of calamitous traps
  • It’s a Roller Coaster Ride! You never know what’s around the corner or which way you’ll be sent next; Crank the Wheel of Doom to launch a marble and see where it rolls!
  • Treacherous Traps: Tripped by the marble, monkeys around the track will try to stop the explorers with booby-trapped spaces: a see-saw, a snake pit, a rickety bridge and more
  • Can You Find the Golden Monkey? First up the steps has a chance to find the treasured golden monkey statue and win this fun game – Will it be you?
  • Family Game: Suitable for 2-4 players, ages 5 years and up - No batteries required

Rumble in the Jungle, the crazy action game full of hidden dangers, is back from TOMY Games! Line up your explorer playing pieces on the game board and get ready to set off on adventure. When you land on a Crank space, turn the giant Wheel of Doom…and soon enough the marble “boulder” will drop, setting off a giant chain reaction! Watch the marble skate over the palm tree and wake the snake in the snake pit. It shakes the monkey off its perch onto the see-saw below, but beware any explorer in the way!

Then it rolls on down the bamboo chute, and rumbles an explorer off the steps! When it trips the giraffe’s tail, that causes the giraffe to head-butt anyone on the track. The ball keeps on rolling, tipping the rickety bridge, and then on over the into the elephant’s trunk ready to be scooped up again on another player’s turn. What a ride! Any explorer knocked away due to the crazy marble’s run must go back to the start.

Landing on different spaces sends explorers this way and that. Cranking the wheel again sets off more mayhem that will stop others in their tracks and send them back to the start as well. Reach the steps to the tree-house and you’re almost home. The first to make it to the top, sends the golden monkey statue flying through the roof wins the game!

Get ready for excitement and laughs with this family game that takes jungle adventure to a whole new level.


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